29 Nov

Reflections Mon, 29 November 2010 13:33
How would my life be today if the people around me enthused me instead of getting angry at me for everything I wanted? 

I feel like I have been enthused a lot in my life. I have been supported for my dreams and praised for my talents and fairly criticized by some as well. I feel energized, valued, loved and affirmed.

I enthuse myself by journaling, praying, listening to music, reflecting on the past positive experiences, seeing the positive, having a good laugh with friends, challenging the tough…’bring it on’ kind of attitude, being grateful and seeking support from loved ones.

Some examples where someone tried negative techniques to get me to change were telling me that his or her way is best, trying to push me or pursuade me by shedding negative light on my past experiences, getting angry, yelling, not listening, expecting me to learn from ‘their’ mistakes.

Clients can benefit from the technique of enthusing because it supports them, nourishes them, celebrates their actions, raises self confidence, creates momentum to sustain the actions taken and brings the energy needed for them to take further and continued action.

I loved this class and all the woohooing that went with it! I was reminded of what a positive person  I am and that I have a great energy in me and around me. I focus on the positive and try to surround myself in it.  As Leon said, ‘bringing myself to a state of presence or stillness allows me to detect the energy of what is surrounding me’

What gives me energy in my life? my students, nature, the leaves, animals, the sky at night and day, fresh air, the beach, laughter, minu, Daniel’s love and laughter, my good friends, love for life, gratitude, praying, connecting!


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