1 Dec

Reflecting confidence! 


Wed, 01 December 2010 12:03
When I feel confident I am energized, light, happy, calm and content, full of appreciation, and going forward. 

If I were trying to prove myself to someone, the reason might be that I am in a moment of reaction, and feeling low in self esteem. I am projecting my lack of self worth on them.

If I achieved my vision, I would be content, aware, calm, joyful, active, healthy, glowing and breathing easy.

The steps that I need to take to be fully confident are to look at challenges as steps to help me grow, to take actions on the things i want, to acknowledge doubts or fears and to determine the outcomes of facing them or living in them, to live a life that is aligned with my values, to be aware of myself and my responses.

My purpose as a coach is to focus on my clients, enthuse them, want the best for them, believe they are full and well people, to be fully aware of my strengths and ability to coach well. To help people to discover their best self and to embody my best self.

One of the exercises that was requested for us to do in this class was to look at all the things and experiences in my life that would make me a great coach.

Up With People:

It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone completely and take a leadership role and take on things such as speaking in front of large groups, living abroad in many host families and learning about different cultures and adapting, doing a show in front of many audiences, doing community service and seeing the outcomes of it, reflecting with the cast and staff of UWP, and growing so much as a person.


It taught me that I am accountable and that if I choose not to be that I will have a negative result, that doing things half assed is in no way beneficial to me and leaves me feeling disappointed in myself and doubting my ability. I have learned that no matter what I do, the effort that I put in will effect the result that i will get from it.


It helped me to want to be better at listening and interacting. It helped me to keep the focus in mind  of wanting a happy marriage and taking accountability for my actions to make that happen, helped me with listening, compromising, not judging, having compassion and looking within…wanting to reflect my best and loving self.


Every part of my life has affected my being here and wanting to be a coach and to be a great coach. My parents’ support and belief in me and instilling that being true to my values was most valuable, the books  I have read : Awareness by Anthony DeMello, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Oprah, etc..Also my job as an ESL teacher; connecting and interacting with students, be put in a role to build a rapport with my students and coworkers, being valued for my gifts of compassion and affecting people positively.


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