Action VS Delay

22 Jan

The areas in my life where I am not taking as much action as I would like are with exercising regularly and my eating plan to lose weight. I have started taking action with exercising and have a peer coach who is supporting me with this. But as for my eating plan and losing weight..I am not being very proactive about it…and pretty much because I don’t yet feel committed to it.

When I don’t take action I feel guilty. I am reminded about how important it should be that I do it and yet I don’t feel like it..then I have guilt for being indulgent and not valuing what I deem as quite valuable.

The steps I am taking to achieve my goal to graduate ICA are something I am proud of. I started classes in November and will be done levels 1~5 and CoP classes as well as Business brainstorming classes by the end of March. It’s a good feeling. In the meantime I have started to get peer coaching and after March will be able to start peer coaching myself. The plan is to graduate in June..and I know I can do this without a problem.
The steps I’ve taken are to make a schedule of all my classes up to April, Created a calendar where I could check off the classes taken, printed out all the modules and use the back of them to write class notes, after the week is finished, I post and blog most of the reflections unless there are still some questions that I haven’t fully been able to answer. I keep a file of what has been blogged and posted and what needs to be blogged and posted. I have contacted peer coaches and created a schedule for me to be coached twice a week. I also have a goal of finishing the majority of this by the time I move back to Canada which will be in May. I want have a more time to keep a busy schedule here than I might in Canada, so I want to not take it for granted and do the most I can do before leaving. My goal that I have maintained is to take 8~10 classes a wk plus two coaching sessions.
I am now applying some of these steps of action to my exercise plan…I have gotten a peer coach to support me in setting it into motion…it feels great and so far(just starting this week) has been successful! Now I need to put it into place with goal of an eating plan that will help me to lose weight. I feel positive about it all!

As a coach I can ask these powerful questions to get my client into action:
What benefits are you getting from not doing this?
What benefits do you vision yourself having if you did take this action?
And which of these benefits do you hold more valuable?
What one step are you willing to put into place this week?

Some tools that I could use to support my coaching around action are:
checking a box when something is completed…brings me a sense of satisfaction

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