Commitment vs Trying

30 Jan

I loved this class with Leon and all who participated!
I learned from this that commitment is 100% and anything less is trying…and that should be acknowledged as well!

One priority that I am committed to right now is my ICA course…I have been taking 9~11 classes a week and loving it, I have been committed to being vocal in class, doing the homewrk and reflections and posting and blogging.

This should be my number one priority because I have a timeline that I believe is essential that i meet. I want to be finished all the classes by the time i go to Canada. I may have less time to commit to this so I am taking full advantage of the time my working schedule here in South Korea, gives me. This is the job I want to be doing in Canada, and I feel that it is essential to be as ready as possible at the time of moving there.

My support team is my parents, Daniel, and some very good friends…they support me 100%. To support me, they can cheer me on, believe in my ability, help out with referrals, and trust in me that I know what I am doing, as well as want the best for me.

The commitment I really want to make in my coaching practice is to do what it takes to feel authentic, as well as to be a great coach that is empathetic, understanding , motivational and great at my job.

The structures I will put in place are to be ethical, and follow ICF code of ethics. Focus on my strengths and believe in them and set them into motion to make my business great. If feeling low or not confident, to seek support from my own coach and friends. To practice gratitude daily, and journaling or meditation of some sort to keep me aware and positive.

To support my client when I notice their level of commitment slipping would be to ask some powerful questions that would get to the bottom of why they are slipping, to see if their values or goals have changed, to see if there is an underlying belief that is stopping them. Just try to get to the root of it with some questions and tools.


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