Creating Action

30 Jan

If I had to choose a time in my life where I felt I was really moving forward, it would be right now with my ICA classes. I have never felt so committed to the self-work, the classes, the desire to learn and feel authentically as a coach. I have a goal in mind to finish the classes by the time I go to Canada in mid spring. What I put into place to create this was to schedule my classes so that i would finish them in 4 months. Also the fact that I want to graduate in June.I want to be working as a coach when I go to Canada and finishing the classes, coaching and paper needs to be done by that time. Not to mention, I absolutely love the classes and everything about this course…it keeps me motivated and in action.

The supports that i have in keeping me moving forward are my parents who are so supportive, my husband, my goal that I have set for going back to Canada, my friends.

After completing the action process in the module, I felt optimistic my action taken. I feel like I am in the process of making those things happen each day.

The role of action in coaching is very important, it is the essence of what coaching is. If we haven’t left our client with some sort of plan of action, then we haven’t coached. It creates the steps and motion to make the shift that we want.

The advantages of asking our clients for the specifics of their actions is that it holds them accountable, helps them to keep focus on their goals, and keeps them committed to the steps that are needed. It also gives the client a sense of pride and motivation to see how far they have come from taking the actions.

To achieve the goal I wanted(ICA classes), I created a schedule, I was fully committed, visualized the benefits, see it as necessary and keep up with the classes and homework. I have a hectic week but keeping my long term goal of going back to Canada in May has me on a timeline. I will finish classes by mid March ,which leaves me little time to procrastinate.And I havent’t!! woohoo!

Acknowledgement plays a role is taking action because it rewards us, credits us, keeps us motivated and feeling empowered. I believe it has to come from ourselves as well as others. We need to recognize, acknowledge, celebrate ourselves instead of looking for it outside of ourselves…but in the beginning…a bit of cheering from friends, a coach and whomever, is always positive!

When others have encouraged me it helped me to take action. My mother and father recognized my strengths and believe that coaching is the perfect profession for me. They support me in my desire to grow everyday.

My top 10 strengths are:
a strong intuition
hard working
striving to be better
great sense of humor
~all of these will help to support me…I can relate to my client, not judge them, want the best for them.
It will help with the business side of it because I am determined and creative and optimistic. Adding humor to any situation is a positive in my books! I have a knack for making people feel comfortable and am able to build an authentic rapport quickly.

The goal I have this month is to exercise 4 days a week and eat healthier and lose weight. The structures I have in place are a coach, journaling, a walking buddy, a food journal and plan. I have been great by implementing exercise(damn treadmill broke!!) but have been walking in this -14C weather with a trouper of a friend.

(will these questions ever end?!!)


The five people I admire are:

Nelson Mandela: I love his positivity, and sense of forgiveness, wanting the best for everyone, and being unselfish, and determined to make a difference with his life. He changed the face of South Africa!

Oprah Winfrey: She made her work/job meaningful, she wanted and has made a difference in so many lives, she has a sense of balance in her life, She’s overcome obstacles and made herself accountable for her failures. She is always striving to be better and be her best self, and has helped people to become more self aware and desiring themselves to be the best they can be.

Dad: His integrity, forgiveness, he is loving and dedicated to his family, he is always supportive and wants the best for his loved ones, he is honest and trusting. He works hard.

Tanya: She is fearless about change, willing to open to life and its challenges, has a ‘bring it on’ way of thinking, is non-judgemental, she has a balance of light/serious, and she is extremely generous!

Daniel(my husband): He is focused, and so committed to his goals, he is positive, is a good man> integrity and commitment to his marriage, he is spiritual, the hardest worker I know, loyal and wants to make his life one of service.

I have been blessed with an amazing support team!! parents, Daniel, Amy, Marie, Tanya, Joanne, Christina, Krista, Melanie, Tina, Wesley, ICA, my incredible students~Kristin, Cindy, Crystal and work collegues too..Tamara who is also becoming a close friend. I feel supported and blessed always! I am forever grateful! Laughing


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