Heading for Healthy!

2 Apr

So I have been getting coached now on weight loss and healthier lifestyle habits for about 10 weeks. So far I’ve lost 11lbs! Woohoo!! …Got a ways to go still…aiming to lose 50lbs total and I would like to do more quickly than the last 10 wks. I’ve done away with a few culprits…pasta, packaged cereal and bread..my most loved comfort foods. I’ve made the switch from cereal to either whole oats or cooked barley mixed with brown rice..and I love it!  I also have a thing for pasta with parmesan  cheese! I’ve given up the pasta but not the cheese…I make a yummy omelet full of mushrooms, bell peppers and onions and top it with parmesan…it’s a hit and seriously delicous!  As for bread, just staying away from it for now…once I am in Canada, I will have healthier varieties and more delicious spreads to top with..but for now, it can’t be in the house as the temptation is too great!

I have started to walk more…my ‘workouts’ are minimal…3 to 4 hour walks a week. I am limited with worn away cartilage in both knees..but the walking is working and my knees are getting better having knee injections every week. The doctor says that I can stop injections in two weeks and see how it goes.  Losing weight will help in this area immensely!

I feel good…still have out of control moments of overeating(although on brown rice and barley!) but mostly things are getting under control. My two life coaches have been a great support with great suggestions as well as holding me accountable from week to week. I have decided that I will track this and blog the journey of this.  I am not ready to reveal my weight but it can be said that I am 50lbs over weight at this point and fitting into size 16 jeans.  I will post a pic to give all an idea.

What’s changed over the last 10 weeks:

smaller portions(at times)

more exercise

healthier food choices

less snacks

less sugar

eating out to a minimum (1 a month)

more fruit

more aware while eating

chewing, chewing, chewing more!

more natural foods

Here’s a pic of me at my heaviest about 12 lbs ago…and a pic of me currently.


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