On a mission to save some dogs!

4 Apr

I was walking to work last week when i heard some dogs barking from a rooftop of a building…It occured to me that this is an odd place to see dogs…I was running late for work as it was, so I made a promise to myself to take a look next time I passed by. On Saturday I was running errands and decided to take a look. On my way up the stairwell, a man tried to stop me from getting to the top…I explained that I wanted to see the dogs( in my broken korean) and to my surprise, he agreed, although not thrilled about it. He opened the door and four haggard dogs greeted us barking and looking for attention. I did a quick look and saw meat bones on the ground but I didn’t see a shelter or any water for them. The man quickly whisked my off the roof and I left quietly. So I was very bothered by this situation and wasn’t sure what to do. Spring has sprung here in Korea and the weather is getting warmer…and those rooves are getting hotter each day. I know those dogs are not pets…but either going to be sold to a dog meat restaurant or something else. They looked really rough. I decided to contact KARA, an animal rights organization in Korea. I wrote about my concerns and mentioned that I would bring them dog treats next time I go (tomorrow)  so that I have an excuse to see them again and get a better idea about their condition and treatment. It should be noted here that in Korea there are many dogs, usually mixed dogs, but it can be literally any dog, that are  sold to dog meat restaurants or raised on dog farms. These farms are in deplorable conditions and the animals are often in small metal cages full of feces. The dogs are killed, most time brutally for dog meat in the ‘dog days of summer’, the hottest days of the year. It should be mentioned that not all Koreans eat dog or condone the eating of dog and there have been laws made to make dog torture illegal. These laws aren’t often followed and  the government and police turn a blind eye. So you can see that it can be very upsetting to know that these dogs will probably end up in soup..not sound harsh but it’s the awful truth.  Sorry…have gone off topic a bit…as I was saying, I wrote KARA about the situation and they encouraged me to bring treats and see what is up. From that point, however, I am not sure and KARA is unsure of what can be done. In Korea, dogs cannot be taken from their owner…the laws protect the owner but not the dogs. If a dog is mistreated, often they must be bought from the owner and put in a shelter to find a home…there is a major lack of dog shelters here and most are over crowded and often if  they are not adopted within 30 days they are euthanized. Not a happy fate for so many dogs in this country. So my goal is to see if they are being treated well enough and from that point, see what is in store for them if he owner should decide to tell me. KARA has warned me that little can be done, but giving attention to the situation will help hold the owner accountable for at least taking somewhat proper care of the dogs. If the dogs are sold to the meat market…it is a lost cause unless I can find someone to buy and shelter them and adopt them.

Tomorrow I will go with a co-worker who speaks better Korean than me…we will bring the treats and see what happens.  Send your good vibes, wishes and prayers and may all of that make a positive difference for these lovely animals.

Will keep you updated.

For more information on the Dog Meat Industry in South Korea, click on this link: http://animalrightskorea.org/

and http://www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs/ to sign petition to stop the dog meat industry. Thanks for your support!!


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