Update on the dogs, rescue and donations:

12 Apr

We may not have to rescue these dogs. I was able to speak a bit to the owner today..supposedly he’s had the dogs on the roof for a long time and seems to not have the intention to sell them to the meat market(we aren’t sure exactly). We brought them treats and he allowed it and also the dogs were more social and less terrified.I believe it is the other man, who i thought was the owner, that the dogs are terrified of. KARA animal organization will meet with me and together we will talk to the man about the dogs and see if he’ll supply healthier food and adequate sheltering for the dogs. They will address the abuse especially. HANG ON TO YOUR DONATIONS! We don’t need them as of yet. Thanks to all who’ve offered. Will keep you posted! We are also welcome to visit dogs and bring more treats when we want. I hope the man isn’t covering up anything but since I get to check on them, I will be able to know. Those who have donated,we will return the money if the rescue isn’t going to happen. We will know that, once we talk more with the owner! I am somewhat relieved and praying that all of this works out…I believe we will have good news all round. Fingers Crossed, wishes made, prayers said and karma on our side!!!


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