The Kitten Saga

6 Jun

As some of you know, I had rescued a kitten two weeks ago. She was left by her mother(cat) for some reason and was living in a garbage lot across from my apartment.  I heard her mewing and mewing and climbed the garbage hill to see if I could find her. I saw that people had left her milk and some food but I couldn’t see the kitten. I left her some tuna and went back the next day. There she was! She rubbed up against my hand and I could see that she was just a young thing..maybe 4wks old. She was covered in what looked like, black tar, and she was cold. I decided there and then that I couldn’t just leave her. I was thinking of dropping food off each day and making her a comfy shelter, but she was so young. So, after some persuasion by the Korean women who were feeding her, I took her. (Daniel is traveling, which made my decision easier as he is not a fan of cats). So, I walked her directly to the vet who refused to touch her. Yes, unfortunately, cats are not really seen as pets here and most are wild and live on the streets…ally cats for real! It’s a tough life but they look well fed for the most part. It’s survival of the fittest, and my little kitten wouldn’t have fared so well after being abandoned and being so young.

I brought her home and tried to get off the goop that matted her fur and stuck to her…not easy. The next day I went to a different vet and they said they would groom her but that they would have to put her asleep and she was too young, therefore, she’d have to wait 4 more wks. Not an option for this kitty. I decided to cover the tar on her fur with olive oil to soften it up and soon it was coming off in bits with the help of the kitty’s teeth and my manicure scissors.

I have a dog, as you know ; my sweet Minu. She was so curious about the kitten and was all stoked to play with her. The kitten warmed up to Minu and they played together very well. At first, I thought Minu might be too rough with her as she was many times her size, but this fearless kitty showed her who rules and soon was stalking Minu’s tail and my toes!

I posted on Animal Rescue Korea in the adoption section all about this sweet kitty. I honestly did not think that I would hear from anyone as there were so many kittens, dogs and other animals up for adoption already. I waited a week and honestly thought that maybe we could keep her. I know Daniel would have warmed up to her as he saw Minu and she play together, and who can resist a kitten?! But since he was away, he couldn’t experience this first hand, and was in no mood to give it some thought. I figured my best bet would be to find someone to foster her.

But low and behold, I got a response to my posting, from an American woman who was very interested in adopting her! What an incredible relief! She would adopt her and I would pay for her initial vaccines. Not a day later, I got 2 other responses from other foreigners who were interested in adopting her. I decided on Lucy, the first American woman who contacted me. We arranged to meet up the following wkd.

And so that day has come and Peanut(the name I chose for the kitty) was adopted today. I had a little cry after she left because she touched my heart and in two weeks grew a lot and is thriving. She is fearless, playful, tar-free, and just a loving little fur ball! I am so glad that I decided to go with my best judgement and my heart and rescue this sweet kitten. She may have survived but I couldn’t be sure(those nights were cold and she slept on the heating pad in the closet for the first 4 nights). I am so happy that she will be loved by Lucy who has also adopted another kitten yesterday. That means Peanut will have a lil feline friend.

Hoping all goes well! Fingers crossed, prayers said and putting out some wishes that the kittens get along well and that Peanut will have a permanent home. If all goes well, Lucy will keep her and take her back to America with her.

Here are some pics and videos of Peanut and Lucy in the last one when she came today to pick her up!


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