Losing Weight in Limbo Land

4 Aug

Every couple of days I get the question of..When will you be going to Canada?…and I give the same answer…I don’t know.So while we wait for immigration to give us the okay…I keep living my life in Korea…known to me now as Limbo Land.  It’s a lifestyle now where we know nothing of our future when it comes to the exact where, when, how, what until we get some answers from immigration. So in the mean time I am focusing on losing weight, learning the ins and outs of getting a business started, building a website and teaching Korean children. I have just finished my course in life coaching with ICA…technically I graduate in September. It’s exciting and I absolutely loved the classes, the readings, the teachers, coaching and all that it entails. I am now left with turning all of this into a business that will flourish despite the economy. I am in the process of business plan which is all Greek to me, but I am trekking through and learning what I can.  Starting a business takes dedication, fearlessness and a willingness to learn. From Seoul, I can work on the online part of this business and once I am in Canada, I will work on the local part. That might change, depending on what can be done from abroad.

So as I am still in Korea, I will continue to focus getting my weight down. I have lost 22lbs and it’s been a slow process. I am making it a lifestyle change and it has become that over the past 6 months. I would like to make my niche for my lifecoaching business in the field of health and wellness.  I would like to be an example of my own success of losing weight and changing my lifestyle to a happier and healthier one through lifecoaching. So I think I would like to lose at least 20lbs more by the time I get to Canada. (by end of Oct..is my hope to be in Canada).  In doing this, I would like to speed things up…which means working out more and sticking to the other habits I have put into place.  I feel that I have been going quite slowly and getting off track from time to time. However, I have made changes that stick and have control around food that I have never had before. I don’t see how I could cut too much more from what I am eating each day as a rule..so being more active is essential.

If some of you don’t know, it has been raining non stop in Seoul now…they haven’t had this much rainfall in one summer since a century ago. So the walking I was doing outside has pretty much stopped.  I have taken to dance aerobics online and I need to do it more often…like daily or at least 6 times a week. It’s pretty much the only active activity I do. So I must up the frequency!  I have a hard time keeping much of any rhythm shown to me twice as it is in most aerobics classes, so I am all about following the moves online, pausing about ten times to get it right…and we are just talking about doing the grapevine!  This is why I never took to dance classes, aerobic classes in a health club, or yoga. Walking, jogging, riding a bike and hiking are more for me. But I must say, with the opportunity to pause and take my time learning the steps, I love it!! It’s fun and challenging!  Not to mention, it’s keeping me wanting to go back and do it again!

My wins this week:

  • not pigging out on fusili chicken alfredo I made…yummy and normally would have stuffed my brains out!
  • not over doing it at the all-you-can-eat Korean bbq meat extravaganza…I did good!
  • maintaining my weight on my week vacation
  • finally got my pedicure that was my reward for doing so well 6 weeks ago!
  • being mindful when I eat and listening to my body when it is satisfied.
Gonna keep this going, add on some more dance dance and I should be losing weight more quickly. Feeling very motivated!
As for when, what, how and where…I do not know…of course I care but I am taking each day at a time and practicing being in the moment and being grateful for it.  I see Canada at the end of this tunnel!

2 Responses to “Losing Weight in Limbo Land”

  1. Victoria Whiting August 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    Yay! I am so happy for you and everything you’ve achieved! I thought you guys were already visa-approved.

    • allycroc August 4, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

      I’ve been approved to sponsor but he still needs to be approved for the visa. Canada’s gov’t is stuck in glacial moving time! Cripes!

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