How I Moved From Maintaining to Losing Weight!

10 Oct

I have been on the same kilo now for over a month!!! Frustrated? Not quite, because to be truthful, I haven’t really kept my end of the bargain! In the last month I stopped tracking my food and calories, stopped working out, brought heavenly havarti cheese, magnificent M&Ms and fabulous fried chicken as well as palate-pleasing pizza into my house. WAY OFF TRACK!  The good thing is that I did, infact, maintain. Normally this would have put on a good kilo or more. I have managed to keep the calories at a reasonable range when eating all this junk!  That is a plus.

I figure my downfall is that the season is fall…no pun intended! This is the time of year when my Canadian animal instinct takes over and I overeat as if I might hibernate for winter. Any weight that I would normally lose in the spring comes back in fall when I can cover myself in layers of clothing and have mad cravings for comfort food.

Not this time! I am nipping it in the bud. Splurged on carrot cake, apricot tart, cheese and pizza as well as pasta, and that was just since Friday!  It’s been delicious and fun but I have had enough and am looking forward to kicking off the weight with some long walks in this fine weather as well as getting back to my fun dance aerobics. I will go back to eating oatmeal and yummy salads, and no more junk will enter this house. Did I mention the baked goods?? Yeah, there were lots of them too. Miracle for maintaining my weight to be honest!

How else will I move from maintaining to losing? I will practice mindful eating, which works for all the 5 times I did it! I will track the food I eat and go back to 1600 kcals a day. I will exercise at least 4 hours a week, I will still eat yummy food but in moderation. I will not bring the goodies home because if it is there, I will eat it…all…in a matter of hours. I also am doing a fellow life coach a favor and being her client for six sessions for her grad requirements and I will get some more motivation and support from that!.  Feeling very stoked and excited!

Here is some great news! I have had to shop at “The Big and Tall” store  here in Seoul because finding clothes is tricky if you are over a size 10. Well I went there two weekends ago and I am too small for their sizes!! At first, I panicked because I have next to no clothes that fit, as I have grown out mine and threw many away thinking I would be in Canada by now. Then I realized that this is a good thing!  I still have a way to go but  finding clothes to fit me will be my newest mission…and not having to shop at only the ‘big’ store is rewarding!  It has me motivated to lose more and get myself into sizes that are easier to find.

Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted!


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