Healthy Weight Loss Plan:The Time is NOW!

6 Dec

I lost 25lbs…but that was 4 months ago! Now I am hovering over the same kilo for a long time! I feel like I have lost the drive that I had in order to keep it going.  I have a number of excuses that are justifiable and some that aren’t. First thing is I have bad knees, and they were at the point , that even doing 15mins of low impact dance aerobics really hurt. I continued walking but couldn’t go to far. I have been to the doctor for 6 weeks of hyaluronic injections  and that has made it much easier and I can walk longer distances. I am due for knee replacements on both knees and will get it done when I am in Canada. Living up 75 steps of stairs and no elevator makes it next to impossible here. The rest of my excuses were short lived and manageable to still exercise.

It isn’t exercise alone that will help me to continue weight loss. I have gone back and forth on doing well with my eating. I still struggle with portion sizes and keeping my calories low enough to lose weight. I should be eating in a range of 1400kcals~1600kcals.  I tend to consume about 2000kcals.  This would be reason enough for maintaining and not losing more.

The issue here is not that I don’t know what to do to get things going again. It’s following through. When I had a life coach helping me out, it seemed to go a lot easier. I had someone to be accountable to each week. I had weekly goals and set out, written plans of the steps I needed to take.  Now I am going it alone and stopped writing down my goals, using the tools that helped me, tracking my food and all the other great tips I put out there!  Talk about walking the walk!

Getting back on track is essential. I feel that losing the first 25lbs was not that difficult because it was done slowly and with small changes that mostly lasted.  I had gained some weight back in the last month (2kilos) and I lost it again by walking more frequently and eating less between meals. So I know I still have it! I just need to keep it in action.

My Game plan:

  • Start tracking my food in a food journal. First write the plan for that day and then at night write what happened. Track calories, water and veges and fruit as well as positives for that day.
  • Walk Minu(my dog) more often. She’s looking  far too plump as well and loves to be walked. She’s a slow walker and has bad knees too but she’s a trooper and is always eager to go. (4 times a wk)
  • Visualize my smaller body fitting in clothes that are still too tight. I have done this before and it works! See my tight jeans looking baggy and follow through. Later when those jeans feel loose, it’s a reward in itself!
  • Nothing extreme, no depriving myself of what I really want, just in moderation. My moderation is still stretching beyond what should be moderate for most…but it’s a battle that I am winning slowly but surely.

Hoping for a loss of a kilo or two by Christmas! (Christmas isn’t widely celebrated here in South Korea, and is a one day holiday. This makes it easier to not gain holiday weight!)


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