Getting Back on Track!

21 Mar

misspelled but totally correct!

Well spring is officially here and I am at the same weight I was last August. I was supposed to lose more…but maintained with the gain and loss of one stubborn kilo.
I will celebrate that..the win of maintaining a 25lbs weight loss for over six months! I haven’t done that in 15 years! So now it is time to break another record…to continue losing another 25lbs and keeping it off as well as getting closer to my goal of a 65lbs total weight loss. Breaking it down in sections makes it doable and less daunting!.

I have been all talk about my promises to get back on track every month of the last six months…Time to get real and take a look at what is stopping me and what I can put into place to help. My blog is full of helpful hints that I need to stop just reading about, and start doing.

My biggest culprit: Portions…The girl likes to eat…a lot! I honestly read what the portion size should be, have a laugh and give myself double the recommended size..sometimes more. This happens at night time. So why is it funny?…Have you seen the recommended portion size for muesli??..Half a cup…yes…it’s pitiful. Or perhaps my perception of it is pitiful…not sure. A friend recommended that I eat only the portion…if I want more later…like an hour later, have a second portion. She also recommended to eat it with a portion of fruit or something that is light in calories. I am going to try it.

My second biggest culprit: Late night eating. Yep..with a schedule like mine, I get home from work usually between 9~10PM, so…my dinner is a late one. I am on an odd schedule and have used that excuse for a good while, but at times, it is tricky. I come home and no matter what the time is, after work I want a treat. I go for a bagel or two portion bowl of muesli..or fruit or veges…on the bad days it could be all of that combined.  I am not about to cut myself off from eating at 7pm as recommended by many. I believe that calories taken in at any time are the same calories and will be metabolized the same unless I have worked out prior to eating. I do want to lessen the amount consumed at this time. Some ideas are to keep it only proteins..I tend to gain less and lose faster by doing that. I tend to have a sweet tooth at night…so I have to satisfy that in a healthier or lighter way. I am thinking strawberries or other seasonal fruit or a hot chocolate. I do love my chocolate!  What I am doing now is eating the cereal or the protein and following it up with a sweet yogurt and the calories are beyond what they should be. So here’s to that new idea!

My third and final culprit: Self- Sabotage! T’is true! I will be doing really well..I will have lost the damn kilo that I battle with, and then, once I am down in weight and doing well, I feel like I am entitled to a reward…which is always in the form of a pig-out. I gain it back. I used to do this with 7 there has been improvement now that it is only 1 kilo to juggle with.

I also will be imagining my plan to lose weight, and come home and binge…What is that?? I don’t know why it happens! The more focus I put on it, the more it happens. Perhaps I have a secret fear of deprivation and I feel the need to binge. It’s unhealthy and certainly not mindful in the least. Working out helps me to get that under control most times. It used to happen a lot more often…now it isn’t so frequent, but still frustrating. An example of this: I realize that spring is coming ( or a vacation, or beach day, etc..)and I start to think that I need to start losing weight and would like to get to such and such weight by that day…and then I eat everything in sight. I go completely nuts and out of control. I realize that being mindful of every moment is what helps me…and keeps my doing well. If anyone has ideas to why I may be doing would be helpful. In the meantime, I will pay more attention and practice being more aware of what triggers this.

I have my walking buddy back…so I will exercise more frequently..woohoo!

I literally have next to no clothes here…the only store I can buy from in Korea (a plus-size store) carries way to big sizes.. But I have brand new jeans that I have yet to get into perfectly;  I bought them in Canada about 3 years ago…they were my motivational diet-pants.  I am fitting in them but they are still a big tight in some places. Once I get into them it will be like a cheap shopping trip!  I am motivated to get into them!

I will start tracking what I eat and keep my calories to a reasonable 1700 calories a day…It’s a little higher than recommended but it works for me…slower weight loss and it stays off. And to be honest it’s not a lot! My coffee with milk and honey and my bowl of muesli has me already at 600~700 already for breakfast! Will have to think of creative ways to cut down!

So that is the story of me getting back on track…no big plan, but small steps, no extremes, no deprivation It’s been done before, successfully!  It’ll be done once more!


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