LOST WEIGHT!!~Kiss My Grits Chub Rub!

28 Nov

A  list of new body parts that grew on with weight gain…losing quite a few of them now!   Here’s to having one chin, dimpleless hands and less chub rub! 🙂

  • Chub on inner thighs causes Chub-Rub...chafting on that tender area from it rubbing together! Mine is getting better! Dresses on hot days won’t be a thing of the past!
  • Wings…on my upper arms..from above the arms look fine but from the side…drooped wings!  Mine are looking so much better from before but need some toning!
  • Pooch…my tummy…well it still looks like my butt shifted to my front but less so..The down-side~flatter butt!
  • Tummy Tires…still there but more rolls than tires…getting smaller!
  • Back flab…never pretty with the bra on or a thin shirt! It will take a lot more pounds off to lose this and I am looking forward to it!
  • Hand dimples…surprised that my hands did look so chunked! Looking much better now!
  • Third chin…need more be said?…mine’s a double now…woohoo!
  • Full cheeks…narrowing down…liking it!
  • Jowls...have notably gotten better..although not completely gone…thinking aging is a part of it.
  • Extra boobage…so glad they have reduced…although they are not their perky selves anymore!
  • Frowning belly button….looking more circular and surprised!

Ahh…Weightloss!  Lost 36lbs and 10 years on the body!  I am giving a fond farewell to my fatty parts!


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