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Over 100 tips to control late night cravings to help you lose weight!

16 Aug

After asking for advice on on what to do to beat my late night cravings, I was given a ton of great advice! So I am sharing it with you! A lot of these tips have helped me and I hope they help you out too!

  •   Brushing my teeth after dinner works. However, for bigger urge to eat, a glass of cold milk works
  •   i’m with you! I often exercise in the evening and am hungry before bedtime. Eating dinner before you go workout makes more sense: more calories will be used up. I would keep your dinner before the gym and a healthy snack after
  •   Evening………slippery slope time. I’ve been trying to keep frozen fruit available. It’s cold, sweet and crunchy.
  •   clean your teeth…. eat salad… crunchy salad
  •   SLEEP!

  •   My husband and I are on a six meals per day plan and this includes a nighttime snack. We usually have a smoothie and this is something we look forward to. Since we know we’re having a smoothie, we are able to avoid eating junk in the evening. Because it is planned into our meal plan, we know we’re not going over our alloted calories.
  •   I help myself with night time snacking need by planning in calories for that time of day. Examples are strawberries dipped in hot fudge, 1/4 cup of nuts or a small piece of dark chocolate with a glass of water. Depends on how many calories I have left for the day. If you plan the calories in and limit them to fit in your range for the day things go better. Smiles Barb
  •   Remind yourself of how good it feels to be losing this weight and how much better you’ll feel later for knowing that you had the will power to say no!
  •   I recommend you try to eat more during the day so you are not hungry so late at night. Maybe make your midday meal more substantial. Then pack a snack for the car ride home – peanut butter sandwich, maybe? Protein will keep you full. When you get home, brush your teeth. Brushing my teeth always stops me from eating more as I like that “fresh” feeling in my mouth. Good luck – shift work is hard. I worked nights 11p-7a for many years and my meals got all screwy as well.
  •   If u have to have something, fruit is better for u cause its not heavy and its good for u. Aim for no late eating. Its hard but you can do it!
  •   I try to eat fruit instead of junk if I have to have a snack, generally I’ll try to drink a full glass of water before I eat anything and it seems to help me eat less…also chewing slowly helps you digest better and helps you eat less.

  • If you use artificial sweeteners on anything or drink diet soda, stop. Fake sugar tricks your liver into thinking the sugar is coming so you produce insulin, which makes you hungry (because the sugar never comes). I cut alot of sugar and all soda out of my diet and it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for my weight loss.
  •   Brilliant idea! None of the other stuff has worked for me, but this just might. I am so tired of doing well all day and ruining it with evening binges. : (
  •   Artificial sweeteners early in the day, make me crave sweets and excess calories!!!
  •   I made “no bedtime snack” one of my other goals, so I get to check that box and get a spark point for that. This gets me into a new routine–going to bed without taking a snack to munch on while I read. Behavior change is all about setting small achievable goals and making them become your new habits.
  •   I’ve been trying to both keep a little left in my daily limit of calories AND trying to pick something that at least feels indulgent. If I indulge a little I”m less likely to go insane and indulge alot. This doesn’t always work, but it has helped some for me at least.
  •   brushing your teeth is an excellent way to curb snacking, I try to do it whenever I get a craving!
  •   First, don’t panic. My scale will fluctuate several pounds a day, so 5 pounds might not be 5 pounds.

But late nights are also my downfall. For me, it’s either late night snacking or cravings if I wake up and can’t get back to sleep. All I know to use is willpower, honestly – to get into bed, which is the safest place for me (can’t eat while I’m asleep) or to just say no.

I found I was a lot more motivated to just say no when I was obese and having health problems than the last half year of being the same weight, about 5 pounds overweight. It’s harder being motivated when you aren’t having health problems because of your weight. But one thing I notice is that if I don’t give into the cravings sometimes, they pass in 20 minutes. Or with a glass of water. Other cravings demand being given in to, and I figure a couple hundred calories here and there don’t have to mean gaining weight.

  •  I have the psyllium husks capsules I bought from Wal-Mart for very cheap. Believe it or not I got it for my cat who was having trouble going potty. I had to mix it with liquid for him as you know it expands. You have to take one caplet at a time with lots of water. I have been afraid to take it because I don’t want an ex-lax affect that I had once. I will try 2 capsules tonight. I almost always have to fight those night time cravings. But I tell myself that is when my body is using up the fat. It’s hard to go that hungry! Hey, What a great tip!! I have a feeling that would really work for me! Thank you so much for posting!
  •   I usually walk in the door after work and head directly to the refrigerator. So now, I stop first and grab a bottle of water – I don’t let myself have ANYTHING until I’ve finished the whole thing. So far it has helped me, now I can get by with a small snack instead of raiding all the leftovers.
  •   it is especially hot this summer so ive been trying to curb my ice cream cravings. I have been leaving enough calories to have myself a nice serving of fruit and with it i make homemade ice tea(green tea, lemon, lime, a drop of honey and any other flavor tea along with it if im bored) it helps to keep me refreshed and out of the junk food
  •   Sometimes I will brush my teeth if I’m feeling the need to eat late at night. The minty toothpaste curbs my want to snack- the food would taste horrible after brushing and ruin my new minty flavor in my mouth. Plus, I wouldn’t want to rebrush my teeth before bed. Also, if im at work, I leave my money out in the car so I won’t be influenced to hit the vending machine’s candy and snacks. Instead, I pack fruits, veggies, and saltines for those times when I’m extra munchie.
  •   Eat grapes. They’re hydrating and sweet!
  •   For me, when I am tired, things can go south. Otherwise I eat a low carb diet, have small meals including protein every 3-4 hours and drink lots of water. I don’t have any cravings if I stick to it. Get rid of the processed carbs and keep your blood sugar stable. My other downfall is my family – they are carb junkies. If I don’t see it, I’m fine. In my perfect world it wouldn’t be in the house. But being tired at night and then the candy comes out – not a good thing.
  •   I eat when I’m tired. It’s not boredom. I become a bottomless pit when I’m tired. For me, going to bed when I’m in this exhausted state keeps me from eating. I don’t know if that could be effecting you (tiredness) but if so, maybe this will help.
  •   for me eating an apple always helps… its crunchy and its sweet and if I’m craving something savory popcorn always does the trick
  •   This might sound a bit weird but I am trying an eating curfew of 8.30. I think my digestive system could use a break. And, promise I’m not paid for this, for a week or two while I’m making the chnge over, a glass of water with psyllium husks or Metamucil sometime in the evening, followed by one or two of water during the rest of the evening. Then I’m, um, good to go.
  •   You may want to drink some milk (cow’s, soy or almond) just before you leave work or as soon as you get done or in the car. It will have time to register in your mind and body so that you aren’t ravenous when you arrive home.

  • Here are some meal ideas. Spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce, either with or without meat. I like it made with chunky veggies added like zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms.

Can also add some ricotta cheese and mix into the sauce, or just top with grated parmesan.
Low cal, filling and lots of fiber.

Eggplant parmigian which can be made a day ahead and reheated. Try baking instead of frying to save loads of oil and calories.

Broiled chicken or fish, asparagus, green beans or broccoli, and a baked sweet potato with a little cinnamon and a dab of real butter. Satisfies the sweet tooth, has plenty of nutrition and filling.

Homemade soup is always good, nutritious and filling. Very good in summer and better at night because maybe its not so hot after dark where you live. Add some crackers or rice cakes and veggie stix like cukes, carrots, celery, bell pepper strips, radishes, etc. Even a little hummus on the crackers if desired. Simple and easy.

Not in the mood to cook or you skipped breakfast? Eggs and toast are good at nite too, and quinoa eaten like cereal will give you extra protein, and is super convienent to make.

Alternate sandwich wraps one night – like shredded chicken, peanuts & dried cranberries in lettuce drizzled with thawed OJ concentrate – with big dinner salads another made with leftovers. Try using different ingredients or pita bread instead of regular bread. Routines can make us crazy and want to sabotage and quit. Variety might do the trick and along with the above, that’s something different for many nights that could clue you in to what works now for you.

  •   I was so hungry last night, after being out with the Cub Scouts, I came in, raided the fridge, found some egg fried rice and homemade coleslaw, scoffed. Plus side, only 200 ish calories, which I had room for on my tracker having been really good all day! Hunger gone, and a good sleep.
  •   i am surprised by how many people have problems with the night time snacking! i am not alone!!! like many of you i make a point to save a couple of hundred calories for after dinner. since what i want then is dessert type stuff (chocolate dessert type stuff!) i have creamies ice cream bars in the freezer which are only 120 calories and delicious. i also keep cocoa crispies cereal to have with 1% milk, and protein bars ( i like the pure protein brand which is very chocolately and delicious, has only 2 g of sugar, and 180 cal.). if you want crunchy things there are all flavors of rice cakes available from cheesy, to spicy, to sweet, and they aren’t that bad for you. another trick i use is canned carbonated water, which because it is in a can makes me feel like i am having a treat, but really it is still only water.
  •   I am legitimately hungry at night. I have dinner around 5:30pm and then workout. When I get home from my workout I am so hungry. I will snack but it is never filling so I end up either snacking more or have an internal battle with myself. I have heard advice – act like your kitchen is closed but what if you are really hungry and not just cravings? I am tracking my food and have enough calories. Sound I snack before my workout and eat dinner after the workout?
  •   I have a horrible time eating too much in the evening after supper. Lately I’m trying to keep my hands busy by knitting while watching tv so my hands are not free to snack!
  •   I ate most nights for over 20 years. It was horrifying. I found that eating lighter during the day and eating a heavier meal at night helped. Also, I avoided eating fruit as a snack after dinner as the snacking for me was worst when I would eat high carbohydrate foods, even fruit.

I started not waking less to eat in the middle of the night when I began eating heavier dinners and telling myself as I got into bed that I was satisfied. The lighter fare during the day helped as well.

After about two years, I rarely wake at night to eat anymore. Occasionally, I might have a half cup of orange juice or drink a glass of ice water if I am sweating heavily. Waking up to have the beverage happens maybe once or twice a month now.

Deciding I was satisfied and thinking it to myself seemed to help.

When I would lose weight while I was still middle of the night snacking, I found that pre-packing small, calorie known snacks helped me at least know what I was eating, calorie-wise, if you can’t manage to control it. I couldn’t control mine for over 20 years, so hang in there. Try some of the tips you read here. Know you’re not alone in suffering this way.

  •   I thought I would check in to add that my biggest difficulty seems to be late evening and night cravings. I really need to find some tricks to resist my irrational but irresistible snacking at night.

  • I am going to try to make a list of foods that might work: celery, for example. Cucumber slices.
  •   Last night I had all of my food tracked to include a single serving bag of baked chips. Well i saved the chips on my night-stand and when i woke up i ate the chips & i was fine. Eating in the middle of the night is not the best solution but @ least i did not go over my limits.
  •   I’ve struggled with this issue as well. My 2 solutions are air-popped pop corn and gum.

I either pop myself some corn or put a piece of gum in my mouth. Both satisfy my chewing need (which I think my late night snacking is mostly chew-related vs hunger related) without going over (or too far over) my calorie goal.
It’s not fool proof, some times a craving is so specific or strong that if I don’t listen to it, it will just get worse, but in general, it works.
Bonus on the popcorn-there is no way I’ll forget to brush my teeth b/c I’m too tired, nothing drives me to a toothbrush like having popcorn hulls in my teeth. 🙂

  •    I have struggled with late night snacking for years. I try to eat only vegggies now when Im up late.
  •   I used to struggle with night cravings as well because I would have more of an appetite at night than during the day. What helped me is to eat light during the daytime so that I can leave enough room in my calorie intake to have a dinner that helps me feel satisfied. There is nothing worse for self control than depriving yourself, because that usually ends up in a binge. Another thing that helped me is to exercise at night instead of during the day. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of studies that say that raising your body temperature, even with exercise, right before sleep will help you sleep better. The reason I switched my workouts to the evening is because I have found that when I work out, I usually don’t want to undo the calories I just burned by going over my calorie intake goal for the day. And lastly, you could prepare and measure your dinner before work and leave it in the refrigerator so that when you get home, you eat just the right amount of calories to stay within your daily allowance. Good luck! I know this was definitely the most challenging goal for my lifestyle change.
  •   I have accepted that night snacking will always be a part of me. I am not fighting it, depriving myself, setting food cut-off times, or any of that… it doesn’t work for me, it actually does the opposite: it promotes over-eating or binging.

  • I leave myself enough calories for a night time snack. Or, if I have used all my calories or close to all, I will go for a quick run (or walk) and have my snack. And sometimes, I won’t even go for the walk or run. I’ll just eat the dang snack. Going over a couple hundred calories once in while isn’t going to screw up my efforts and take away my progress. Everyday, yes. Once in a while, no.This works for me. Others may have their strategies. The trick is finding out what works for YOU 🙂 You have to be able to live with this process. It’s not temporary, it’s for good.
  •   eat small meals through out the day.1. Breakfast snack lunch snack dinner adding more fiber and protein to ur diet will keep u fuller longer .2) you are so right about the planned small healthy snack being WAY better than an unplanned binge
    3) a good book, prayer/meditation/relaxation, a few minutes star staring if the night is nice all good to let the mind and body know that there are other things than food going on
    4) thank you for all the great ideas!
  •   I know the ‘no eating after 7pm’ rule works for some people, but not me. Look at it this way: Is it better to have a planned small calorie-controlled snack at night and feel satisfied, or to go to bed hungry and repeatedly end up on a late night binge that undoes an entire day of healthy eating & exercise?

  • When I was a kid, mom always used to give us kids a small pre-bedtime snack of cereal & skim milk. It was just enough to keep us from feeling hungry as we got ready for bed, and I never remember waking up hungry in the middle of the night.

  • Try a high-fiber snack after dinner. The fiber will convince your stomach that you’re full. If you take a daily fiber supplement (Metamucil or such), this is the time to do it.

  • When I’m done eating for the night, I take a shower and brush my teeth. This is how I tell my mind and body that ‘The kitchen is closed!’ If you have strong temptations to eat right before bed, try creating a pleasant nightly distraction that you can look forward to instead. Ideally, it would be something calming like reading a good book, writing in a journal, prayer/meditation, knitting, etc.
  •   I used to get the munchies and go for chips or crackers or Veggie Booty (and eat the whole bag). I just stopped buying these and replaced my evening snack with baby carrots. I find I get sick of eating them faster and don’t actually want the snack when that’s my only option.
  •   I always save room for a healthy snack before bed….but also make sure you drink plenty of water. Are you really hungry or are you bored? Sometimes people just eat at night out of habilt. Once you make a habit of “no food after 8” (or something like that) your golden.
  •   I usually have calories left at the end of the day so if I want salty and crunchy I have Rye and Caraway or Black Peppered Triscuits. If I want spicy/hot and crunchy I have Wasabi peas, Chipolte sunflower seeds, and if I want sweet, I eat a piece of fruit or one Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffle. Sometimes the servings are partial/very small and it is just enough to satisfy the craving.
  •   I have a scoop of Casein protein before bed and it’s like having a sweet treat.
  •   When I get the munchies after dinner which normally ALWAYS happens, I drink a bottle of water or 2 and then if that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll grab a piece of fruit. If that doesn’t help, I go to sleep and wake up early enough to make me a big breakfast.
  •   Herbal tea and decaf coffee will help with the cravings. I also keep a bowl of fresh blueberries in the fridge, and I graze off them when I just need something to chew.
  •  I have the exact same problem as you. I just can’t get to sleep unless I read and I love to snack at the same time – in bed!. Did you find a solution to your late night snacking? If so I would love to know. I tried one whole stick of raw cold, crispy celery last night. It was delicious and fairly filling but I can’t envision myself eating that every night. I’m all vegied out at the moment. Fruit is not on my “allowed” list at the moment either, neither is dairy. I might try and do what so many others seem to be doing and “save” some of my alotted calories for bedtime.
  •   miracle noodles have 0 calories, enjoy with no guilt
  •   It is a myth that eating at night (after 7pm, etc) causes weight gain. That statement is false. What IS true is that a lot of people have used up most or all of their calories needed for the day by that time and typically by the time evening snacking comes around, you’re consuming OVER your recommended amount of calories for the day.

  • So, if you’re watching calories and saving some for the end of the day, snack away (preferably healthy foods), but if you’re one who has generally used up their calories by that time some things I do are either drink lots of water or flavored teas, brush my teeth, chew a piece of gum (not usually in the evening but have done it before), or just find something to do that keeps my mind off of food.

  • One thing I will give into though is if my stomach is genuinely hungry – like it’s growling or I’m really physically hungry, then I eat something healthy regardless of if I go over my calorie range or not. If you’re stomach is really requesting food, it’s best you eat something.
  •   I try to save some calories for late night munchies if I think it’s going to be a problem (like on the weekends when I stay up later). And keep some healthy alternatives to high fat snacks in the house. My favs are pizza using flatout wraps, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, all the veggies I want, and fat free cheese or Skinny Cow ice cream treats. Both under 250 calories.
  •   I have to wonder about the theory that anything eaten after 7pm will lead to weight gain. i work 12 hour night shifts!!! I’m the proverbial night owl. I do eat at work, I just make sure I stay within my daily limits, keep it healthy, make sure I keep everything balanced, and I’m ok when I get home. I’ve lost 13 pounds this month, so something must be working. Just keep an eye on what you’re doing, keep some healthy snacks on hand, and keep them balanced. You’ve done well for a while, don’t let this stop you now!
  •   right now I am pre cooking chicken breasts and hard boiled eggs for late night salads.
  •   I eat late at night. Have done for many years. I am a night owl too. Tried going to bed early but no luck there. I read myself to sleep every night BUT I have to have a midnight snack and eat and read while in bed. I wish I could get out of this habit. I am rarely hungry throughout the day. I am on my second day of a “shake” diet – optifast. I am in the intensive stage and can only eat a cup of veges a day in th evening. Believe it or not, this satisfies me but every night as I go to bed, out comes the book and a craving for a snack. It is purely craving & bad habits not hunger. Can someone suggest a small snack that has no calories/fat/carbs/salt? I am not permitted to eat fruit yet. I can during the transition stage.
  •   i drink choc milk (2c skim milk and a tablespoon sugar free/fat free, can’t remember, hersheys syrup) at bedtime.. satisfies my craving for sweet and fills my belly
  •   I would add some protein to your diet, Swanson makes a real good Whey Protein that is 17 gms of protein and 2 gms of carb, put some of that with some ice, water and a little bit of friut. Ok it is not the best but it doesn’t taste bad and your body will take longer to process the protein
  •   My thing is eat and GO TO BED! haha, if I end up eating late, I need to get in the bed and conk out pretty fast. 
  •   Try eating a total of five small meals a day, three main meals and two snacks. Remember portion control is key here. It is easy to eat five small meals, but remember a small meal could be a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, 6 oz. cup of fat free yogurt with some fresh fruit mixed in, sugar free jello or pudding, or 2 cups 50% less fat popcorn. It may help to have a hot drink like Tea or light hot chocolate.

  • Keeping yourself busy in the evening may work. Doing crafts clipping coupons, reading a good book, taking the dog for a walk, or some household chores.
  •   this is a hard one since, like you said, you’re looking to eat a meal and its not just a snacking problem…i would say try to plan ahead with good foods in the fridg ready to go. (i know, easier said than done) then when you sit down to eat, measure out portions of food and put it all on a plate and sit down at the table. i find that if i just grab here and there, especially on the go, that i end up eating way too much. if i stop what im doing and actually sit down and focus on eating just whats on my plate, and drinking plenty of water, i do much better. steer clear of carbs and anything salty that late in the evening as well. best of luck!!!
  •   The trick is to not allow yourself to go long periods of time without food. I try to eat every 2 hours or so to keep my metabolism up and to avoid ever feeling as if I’m starving.

  • The trick is to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. By the time I get home from work (5pm), I usually have 600 calories still remaining in my suggested limit. This allows me to eat a healthy, filling dinner and to also have a snack of my choice around 8pm-10pm (depending on when I eat dinner).

  • I usually have greek yogurt with fruit, cheese with multigrain crackers, sugar free jello pudding, toast with cream cheese and fruit, a homemade larabar or a skinny cow ice cream.

  • Don’t deprive yourself or deny yourself if you’re having serious stomach pains, but don’t go overboard and indulge, either! It’s all about moderation if you’re going to make this a lifestyle and not just a diet!

  • Other people suggest tea, gum or keeping yourself busy – these haven’t worked for me, so I’ve modified my portion sizes and eating times. I usually eat about 5-6 meals a day instead of the standard 3. Experiment a bit and find what works best for you!
  •   I find some healthy foods that are filling—-for me, it’s oranges, cream of wheat or oatmeal with a glass of water. I also make smoothies with Kroger low carb yogurt, unsweetened almond mik, and a banana and crushed ice. You get something sweet and creamy and filling for about 200 calories.
  •   This is a problem for me as well. I am not too hungry in the morning so I eat lightly at the front end of the day, so I’ll have more calories in the evening. I have currently finished my dinner but have 250 calories for later in the day. An earlier bedtime helps as well. Most days, I get up before 5:00 AM naturally but am ready for bed by 9:00 PM.
  •   i always save a couple hundreds calories for the end of the day, but even so i drink a glass of water every time i get a late night snack craving. Doesnt take long before i’m too full to have cravings anymore.

  • i do my nails, a good 2 layers, so theres plenty of time to wait before i have hands back. Or a nice foot soak keeps me from running to the kitchen. Happily self care until it’s bedtime.


  • I try really hard to reserve some calories so if I do have the urge to snack I have some calories left over that I can spend. I look at what my calorie count for the day is so I am mindful about what I am eating. I also chew gum and try and do something else but sit and watch TV. Third, I tell myself that after dinner I am done eating. I have never starved to death because I did not eat a snack after dinner. Once I am in the habit of doing this, it is easy. For me it was really breaking a bad habit.
  •   I always seem to want creamy, sugary things: caramel, soft chocolate, frosting, pudding. I don’t know why. Nothing else seems to fix this craving but peanut butter, and then only sometimes. The worst part is that my daughter and I are off for the summer and all she wants to do is bake. I can’t have that stuff here, so I have to tell her “no”. My husband is a night owl, and he watches movies on the bed until all hours, so going to be early doesn’t help me, as I’m in the living room with access to the kitchen. Drinking copious amounts of water has helped, but not ended, the cravings.
  •   I have a cup of herbal tea. I like Yogi brand sleepy tea. It has a nice mint flavor, and gets me ready for bed. You can add sugar, but I don’t think it’s needs it. I think my biggest probelme is keeping my mouth busy, not that I’m hungry. So tea works great.
  •   I’ve been munching on sweet cherries lately. They take a lot longer to eat since you have to be careful with the pits.
  •   Go find some low cal snacks myself I stop eating 3hrs befor I go to bed with the exception at med time I have a YOURGET CUP since I can’t take my meds on a EMPTY STOMACHE
  •   Try carrying some protein bars in your purse. I pack a small lunch bag with premeasured snacks like nuts,crackers (Kashi TLC brand) fruit, cheese sticks put an ice pack in it and carrying it in my car. Then you wont be as hungry when you get home and you can make a wiser choice. Also just read a bowl of oatmeal w/ sliced bananas will help you sleep. Hope this helps 😉
  •   I find that by eating RAW VEGETABLES (such as Baby Carrots, Celery Sticks, Jicama and Radishes) by themselves OR using a Lowfat Plain Yogurt mixed with Garlic Powder and Onion Powder helps with those night time munchies. Especially when I watch television.
  •   (I’m usually looking for something fast and EITHER Salty…OR Sweet)

I like:

1 small ‘Skinny Cow’ individual sized container/bar of ice cream
1 small baggy (I’ve prepared ahead) of a favorite snack (already measured out helps me)
* I keep a few in the frig. + on the counter all the time *
I open big bags and ‘portion’ them out into small baggies. My husband, the kids and I
always have ‘portion-appropriate’ choices all the time.
mini-pretzels, baked chips, veggies, strawberries, cut up apple etc.
1 container of 100 cal. Yoplait yogurt in a favorite flavor
1 custard cup sized bowl of fresh fruit
1 bottle of water with Propel flavoring

  •   I always do well throughout the day; then late at night, I am tempted so easily to go have a snack that is usually not a healthy choice. Why does it seem like the unhealthy is what one chooses even when healthier options are available. I have read the recommendations and I am definitely going to try some of these when the urge comes upon me again.
  •   Thank you for this. I feel exactly the same way and thought it was just me. I do well and then something anything throws me off and I sabotage myself. I cannot blame anyone else when it is my hand putting the food in my mouth. What makes it worse is I feel so out of control. I’m a stay at home mom and student. My husband shops, God love him, he does try really hard to help me even though he is not “dieting”, But at times he still buys things that are tempting to me with the excuse that it’s for our daughter who does not need the little Debbie’s and chips either. I’m trying to be a good role model for her. It also doesn’t help when I ‘m having to make separate meals because he doesn’t care for my “healthier” cooking.
  •    Have a bigger breakfast and lunch, and snack, (250-300 cals, focus on protein and veggies) then a sensible dinner (maybe 350 cals), it keeps your blood sugar regulated so by the time night rolls around you feel good rather than cravey. End the night with a veggie smoothie with carrots, spinach, 1/2 an orange and 1/4 lemon.
  •   I always make sure I allow myself at least 100-200 calories because I work until 11:00pm and I’m always starving! So, a small bowl of cereal usually satisfies me.
  •   I track my eating on the “nutrition tracker” page. If I haven’t hit my goals, I allow myself a snack – whatever time it is. If I’m at the goals – or above – no snacking. Not always easy (and sometimes I do cheat) but looking at my daily totals before going to the kitchen often deters me.
  •   I always go and floss and brush when I know I am done eating for the day. I hate flossing so won’t want to have to do it twice. It works!
  • I eat a snack after dinner and at 8pm I stop! I’ll brush my teeth which helps alot because I don’t want to get my teeth dirty so instead I’ll drink water up until I go to bed.
  •   you have just spoken the words that I feel every day. My will power is shot and although I’m not ‘overweight’ I’m not happy with my weight. Regardless I seem to sabbotage myself with eating crap, even though I start with good intentions. I used to say, my diet starts tomorrow (and I’ve said that wayyyy too many times). We just have to take small steps, every hour of every day be conscience of our decisions.
  •   Have you tried blending a handful of fresh or frozen berries with a couple packs of splenda, making “ice cream”? you can add diet pop for extra flavor, or make it with soy milks :I’m on low cholesterol so no dairy. Blend it up, pour it in a glass and eat it with a spoon. It’s fruit and it’s good for you!!! and it takes a while to eat, so if you make a glass you can watch tv as you eat/sip.
  •   condiments! a shot of mustard, pickles, olives, etc. a huge burst of flavor in a small portion with few calories.
  •   I’m the same way too, if you got to snack I would go for unsweeten popcicles, pickels or something that will have an low impact, Im eatting sunflower seeds right now, and one other thing, track your food as this can help you keep on track with what you pick to snack on. Excellent post!
  •   this is my favorite advice out of everything. ENDED THE GUILT COLD TURKEY TO READ THAT ITS A MYTH ABOUT LATE NIGHT EATING. ITS WHAT YOU EAT I LOOOVE SOUP,YOGART,FRUIT, IDEA!!! being an actress,and my husband the lead singer of a popular band, lets face it, IM NOT GOING TO EAT BEFORE I PERFORM !And we can be both out very late! But I can reward myself for a great performance with ,a cup of chicken noodle, and a string cheese and feel satisfied, in FRONT OF THE TV! Which is one of my favorite ways to meditate!! Whew thankyou thankyou!
  •   I realized that most of my late night or evening snacking was occurring in front of the TV. I decided that TV and food was a dangerous combo, so I stopped eating anything in the TV room. It took some retraining, but now I sit at the kitchen table with a book and eat. My husband is not so much on board, but he is trying as well. I am enjoying my food more, and now my brain understands that couch + TV does not = food. But, if I want an evening snack, I grab a frozen yogurt or some popcorn. And I eat in the kitchen.
  •   You are like any other person who wants a “dinner” of some kind after getting home from work. A person who gets done at 5:00 wants to eat around 6:00 or 7:00. You naturally want to eat a dinner, too. Plan ahead and give yourself a regular meal like you would at any other time during the day. If you still find yourself wanting to snack after your meal, you could try drinking water. A lot of the time a person feels hungry but a glass of water will satisfy. Or have a snack that has some “density” to it. I often have a bowl of cream of wheat before bed. It’s just filling enough that I’m not kept awake by hunger pangs, but not such a big “meal” that I am stuffed and uncomfortable. The fat free sugar free pudding someone else suggested is a good idea, too, as you can eat a lot for relatively few calories and it is filling. I’m finding a baked potato is pretty filling, too. Finally, there are many, many healthy snacks you could much on (baby carrots, cucumbers, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, plums, etc.) if you’re still feeling hungry. Personally, if I am actually hungry, and not just craving sweets, I find something with fiber is very helpful for that.
  •   I know nothing about your chosen diet or personal habits or schedules. But I do know you are human! I do know you sound HUNGRY! I wondered if you are eating enough during the day or are trying to lose too much too fast…. Anyway, FAT (yup!) is the answer. Fat takes longest to digest. Its digestion causes hormones to be secreted in your body that suppress hunger. This is how the human body works! USE THIS KNOWLEDGE to help yourself!

  • So if you know your downfall is late night hunger attacks of over-eating, then you know that the “cure” is to eat some fat 4-6 hours before your typical late-night hunger attack. This assures that you have some fat being digested in your gut at the time that you usually get hungry. And it assures that you have hunger-fighting hormones at work assisting your will-power.

The “trick” is in the timing: eat fat 4-6 hours before the hunger attack. Just add 1 tablespoon of fat to your diet at that time (say, cheese or cream cheese or macadamia nuts).

If you feel bad about ADDING fat to your diet, then shift your eating patterns around so that whichever meal contains the most fat in your day is the meal you eat about 4-6 hours before your typical late-night hunger attack.

  •  a piece of fruit hits the sweet spot and keeping busy keeps you from focusing on eating when you aren’t really hungry. two totally awesome ideas and very effective. you can also go with a small serving of nuts or even a glass of milk with cinnamon and nutmeg. a low in the calories and help of tide us over to morning when we aren’t really hungry but just in the ‘zone’.
  •   I save a fruit serving for evenings. I also try to keep busy with a project so that I don’t think of food.
  •   It was wonderful news when I read that the whole ‘eating after 7 pm makes you fat’ rule is a MYTH. I always plan a healthy snack at night after my workout. I’m a late-night exerciser, then I have a snack (along the lines of a non-fat greek yogurt OR a string cheese with an apple) shower, then hit the hay. I can not sleep on an empty stomach. And as much as I have tried to drink water before bed – my stomach is not fooled – it must be food. (And I’d rather not have to pee in the middle of the night! lol) I just have to make sure it is healthy, planned and tracked ahead of time.

Lifestyle, not a diet!

13 Aug

Lifestyle, not a diet!.

Empowerment vs Disempowerment

13 Aug

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right”
 ~Henry Ford

      People often struggle with feelings and beliefs that are disempowering. Some of these feelings are resistance, negativity and feeling sorry for oneself. While others choose positivity, acceptance and gratitude. They celebrate life and make a choice to have such a perspective on life.  Changing ones perspective from disempowerment to empowerment can firstly be done by accepting that life’s happenings are beyond ones control but our reaction to the those happenings are within our control. Realizing that we always  have a choice and options is significantly more empowering than an attitude of feeling like we have no choices.
     The main aspect of disempowerment is a feeling of powerlessness. With this powerlessness brings about negativity, feeling like a victim of circumstance and resentment.  Let’s look at negativity. It can be one of the biggest blockades in life. It drags down ones energy and emotions. It’s easy to become frustrated and negative about some situations but allowing those feelings to dwell can lead us into a pit of despair and feeling out of control.  According to the law of attraction, we must redirect the negative feelings to positive ones, remembering that positive attracts more positive and vice versa.

     If you think of your own experiences in the past, you can be reminded of what feeling negative can do.  I can remember some mornings I would wake up tired and grumpy and that would generally leave me feeling like I wish I could go back to bed. I would start my day dreading to go to work. At work my irritation continues and soon my co workers are getting on my nerves, and any extra work that I am asked to do, just sets me off. I can feel my blood boiling and tension in my shoulders and back, and soon a headache starts. You can imagine where these feelings will take me if I let them continue…I would be focused on what is wrong in my day and maybe vent about it to friends or my husband…and soon go to bed dreading the next day, feeling like it will be the same. Or I wake up tired and grumpy and sit with that negative feeling for a bit, and then choose to let it go.  I know how much I can’t stand to feel grumpy, so I set about a change so that my feelings will be better. I could take my coffee outside and listen to the birds chirp or feel the sunshine on my face, I could put some fun music on to pep me up and feel more energized. I can choose to do something to get me out of this funk.   The knowledge of being able to turn a negative into a positive just by choosing what you want to feel is empowering. How you feel and respond to a situation is entirely up to you. 

    Another factor of negativity is negative self talk. By using negative words, negative feelings arise which can bring you and others around you down. Decide what positive words you can use in your thoughts and conversations. 
Some examples of negative self talk are:  ‘Why does this always happen to me?’, ‘Why can’t I be smarter?’, ‘ Why is everyone against me?’.  
By changing the way we speak, we can start to believe if and others around us will as well, creating a even more positive effect. 
‘What can I learn from this experience?’, ‘What makes me feel good at this moment?’, ‘How do I become smarter?’, ‘What should I do differently?’.  
In the latter and positive questions, there is a chance to see things differently and see one can do to change his or her own situation, whereas the former questions do not and leave one feeling helpless and a victim of circumstance. 

    Alternately, to create positivity one could say affirmations. Making affirmations is a way of acknowledging your strengths, capabilities and love for yourself. Sometimes we may catch ourselves saying something negative about ourselves. I have often said ‘my hair looks terrible’ or ‘I am huge’, or ‘this is a disaster!’. With these negative statements made day after day, we come to believe them. So by making positive affirmations day after day, we can come to believe those instead. Affirming ourselves can bring about a change of perception. Some affirmations are ‘I am strong’, ‘I deserve this’, ‘I am worth this’. Each day we can build ourselves with this positive language and begin to believe it and replace the negativity with positivity. 

   Another aspect which causes one to feel disempowered is resistance. Resistance is a state of not allowing. It can be in the form of feeling envy, blaming others, or feeling sorry for oneself.  In a state of resistance we might complain about our situation but do little to change it. We might feel sorry for ourselves and start to look for someone or something to blame for our misfortune.  All of these actions are a drain on our energy. When we are in a state of resentment or resistance, there is little room for improvement in our lives because our energy is wasted on these feelings.
    Acceptance is taking control of how we respond to our lives. It is a shift from seeing things as hopeless to seeing that we are the catalysts in changing them. Instead of feeling resentful of what others have or others do, we can start to appreciate what we do and we have. Instead of seeing only the bad in the world, we can decide to see the good also and choose to make a difference. 
Case Study 
      For Louise, it was her weight. She’d been dieting for 15 years and getting nowhere. She lost and gained it all back again and again. She had feelings like she wanted to just give up and deal with the fact that she was going to be overweight for the rest of her life in hope that something may come along and change it.  She started to see a life coach to work on her issue. She was feeling like she didn’t even want to address it though because she was so tired of the same result and not believing she would ever just lose the weight and keep it off.
     Her coach asked her why she wanted to lose the weight and Louise’s answer was that she wanted to feel good, look good, and feel more worthy of herself because she’d be healthier, fit in her clothes and feel more attractive. She came to realize by her own answer that she was really just feeling powerless and defeated as well as unworthy. She was doing little to change her situation because she wasn’t feeling motivated to exercise and was feeling shame when she exercised in public because she felt fat and was self conscious of what others might think.
     Through coaching she was able to see that she was her own worst enemy. Her thoughts were so negative and limiting. She was seeing failure and hardship before she even got started. She could hear the negativity and resistance in her own voice. 
She decided there and then that she didn’t want to feel like a victim of circumstance. It was a turn off for her to see or hear this kind of talk from other people and she refused to be one of them.  It was a good thing to actually hear herself and her negativity being articulated and paraphrased by her life coach. It made her sit up and say ‘enough!’.  She started to focus on what she really wanted and how she would go about achieving it. She looked at the feelings that were associated with the prior weight loss before she had gained it back. She started to feel energized and positive remembering how it felt to take control like she had before. She chose to hang on to those positive feelings. She decided to walk outdoors, eat healthier, shop for healthier foods, journaling about her successes, and setting up action plans to keep on track. 
    She worked on removing the shame and unworthiness she was feeling by being overweight by facing her feelings and bringing forth actions that made her feel good. She chose to  blog about her journey in trying to lose weight and hid nothing. The honesty of her blog helped to remove a lot of the shame but also helped her discover that she had so much support from those who read it.  She realized that her worry about how others saw her were in fact, her own feelings of self-esteem that she projected on others. She didn’t know what others were thinking when they saw her, yet she had blamed them for seeing her negatively.  
   Louise shifted her perspective of feeling negative, blaming others, having a low self esteem to feeling motivated, coming face to face with the shame she felt and turning it into a motivational blog she shared with others. Now she is enjoying the process of losing weight and doing it with a positive frame of mind. She couldn’t feel more empowered!


What areas in your life do you feel in control and positive about?

What areas in your life do you feel out of control and negative about?

How are you resisting in these particular situations?

What are three actions you can take to change your perspective about these situations?

Losing Weight in Limbo Land

4 Aug

Every couple of days I get the question of..When will you be going to Canada?…and I give the same answer…I don’t know.So while we wait for immigration to give us the okay…I keep living my life in Korea…known to me now as Limbo Land.  It’s a lifestyle now where we know nothing of our future when it comes to the exact where, when, how, what until we get some answers from immigration. So in the mean time I am focusing on losing weight, learning the ins and outs of getting a business started, building a website and teaching Korean children. I have just finished my course in life coaching with ICA…technically I graduate in September. It’s exciting and I absolutely loved the classes, the readings, the teachers, coaching and all that it entails. I am now left with turning all of this into a business that will flourish despite the economy. I am in the process of business plan which is all Greek to me, but I am trekking through and learning what I can.  Starting a business takes dedication, fearlessness and a willingness to learn. From Seoul, I can work on the online part of this business and once I am in Canada, I will work on the local part. That might change, depending on what can be done from abroad.

So as I am still in Korea, I will continue to focus getting my weight down. I have lost 22lbs and it’s been a slow process. I am making it a lifestyle change and it has become that over the past 6 months. I would like to make my niche for my lifecoaching business in the field of health and wellness.  I would like to be an example of my own success of losing weight and changing my lifestyle to a happier and healthier one through lifecoaching. So I think I would like to lose at least 20lbs more by the time I get to Canada. (by end of my hope to be in Canada).  In doing this, I would like to speed things up…which means working out more and sticking to the other habits I have put into place.  I feel that I have been going quite slowly and getting off track from time to time. However, I have made changes that stick and have control around food that I have never had before. I don’t see how I could cut too much more from what I am eating each day as a being more active is essential.

If some of you don’t know, it has been raining non stop in Seoul now…they haven’t had this much rainfall in one summer since a century ago. So the walking I was doing outside has pretty much stopped.  I have taken to dance aerobics online and I need to do it more often…like daily or at least 6 times a week. It’s pretty much the only active activity I do. So I must up the frequency!  I have a hard time keeping much of any rhythm shown to me twice as it is in most aerobics classes, so I am all about following the moves online, pausing about ten times to get it right…and we are just talking about doing the grapevine!  This is why I never took to dance classes, aerobic classes in a health club, or yoga. Walking, jogging, riding a bike and hiking are more for me. But I must say, with the opportunity to pause and take my time learning the steps, I love it!! It’s fun and challenging!  Not to mention, it’s keeping me wanting to go back and do it again!

My wins this week:

  • not pigging out on fusili chicken alfredo I made…yummy and normally would have stuffed my brains out!
  • not over doing it at the all-you-can-eat Korean bbq meat extravaganza…I did good!
  • maintaining my weight on my week vacation
  • finally got my pedicure that was my reward for doing so well 6 weeks ago!
  • being mindful when I eat and listening to my body when it is satisfied.
Gonna keep this going, add on some more dance dance and I should be losing weight more quickly. Feeling very motivated!
As for when, what, how and where…I do not know…of course I care but I am taking each day at a time and practicing being in the moment and being grateful for it.  I see Canada at the end of this tunnel!